Getting there!

Well, as you can see, the website is coming along.

There are still some lots of things to sort out though:

  • The logo.  I know exactly what I want, I just need to spend some time with Photoshop.
  • Banners and icons that other websites can use to link back.
  • Links on the right.
  • Flesh out the pages across the top of the website.
  • Make a pop filter to sit in front of the mic.  This is a device that stops “p” and “b” type sounds from sounding too harsh in the recording.
  • Record a podcast!

Wow, hang on.  That last one’s kind of important right?!  Yep, definitely.  After all, it’s why you (and I!) are here, to hear the latest and greatest on the UK Geocaching scene.  I am hoping to get something recorded in the next few days (although I am away over the weekend) introducing myself (briefly) and giving information on Episode 1.  This serves a couple of purposes, including testing the equipment in a real recording situation (instead of just “testing testing testing”) and will allow me to set up feeds for places like iTunes and other podcast directories.  It’s likely to be at most a five minute recording.

For now, I’ve been playing with WordPress for a little over three hours (it’s 23.38 right now) and I need some sleep.

Enjoy your caching weekend folks!

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2 comments on “Getting there!
  1. Dave says:

    Good work Colin, looking forward to Episode 1!

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