Test Recording Number 1


So, I have finally had some time to play with the setup for recording the podcast. Here it is:

Professional huh! Don’t panic, I have got a pop filter and am working on a Mic stand!

So do you want to hear the test recording? Well, if I’ve got this right (and you’re clever like me) then the podcast has already downloaded to your MP3 player. If it hasn’t then you can click the play button below and listen to it right here on the site!


This is quite literally just me mucking about on the mic to set some levels, get used to the application and see how the podcasting plugin for WordPress works. Please note: You won’t find us on iTunes yet and this particular session will not make it to iTunes either.

Bring on the comments!

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5 comments on “Test Recording Number 1
  1. Dave says:

    Good effort, very impressed with the audio quality – you’ve done this before haven’t you 😉

  2. Collin says:

    Thanks Dave!

    To be honest, I’ve never done any recording before. All the equipment that I have is because I run quizzes for my Mini Club and Scout Group.

    Audio quality is all down to pressing buttons in Audacity to see what happens! The Noise Removal button is my best friend at the moment. You should hear it before processing! Actually, I might upload a pre-process track to show the difference sometime…

  3. northking says:

    Hi Cornell

    Well done on your finds on the trail today. They were very quick between caches. The trial audio works a dream and the lumberjack song takes me back…. looking forward to the real thing. Just an observation – the twitter logo says ukgcpc and the header is ukgcpodcast. Could be confusing when searching iTunes? Keep attacking Jeff (northking)

  4. The_Street_Searchers says:


    Really enjoyed the short trailer – keep the humour and randomness!! It adds to it and keeps it fresh – thats what some of the american podcasts lack – if I want straight information I will read it on the web, if I want info with a bit of a laugh every now and again then IMHO thats where a good podcast comes in.

    I am looking forward to the first full session. Maybe post a question on Twitter or the forums asking people for content ideas etc?

    Keep up the good work


  5. kry102001 says:

    Excellent podcast, very impressed so far, although, one slight question, how would a wii fit board help ?
    (Bad Pun Alert) is it for helping with the audio “balance”……groan.

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