Are You A Geocaching Addict?

How many of the following will you admit to:

1. You find yourself spending more time in the food storage container aisle in the supermarket than ever.
2. You can’t walk past a hollow tree, stump or rock crevice without thinking that it might be a good place for a cache
3. You have scabs and bruises on your legs during “shorts season”.
4. You have an appointment somewhere and before you leave you check to see if there is a cache nearby.
5. You can’t look at any container without considering whether it would be appropriate for a cache.
6. You know what a pocket query is, how to use it and do.
7. You have maxed out the waypoint capacity on your GPS at least once.
8. You are always on the lookout for good deals on AA batteries (or invest in rechargeable batteries/charger)
9. You go geocaching on your lunch hour.
10. You consider geocaching opportunities when choosing your vacation spot.

The only one I have an issue with is number 9 – I only get 30 minutes for lunch and the nearest cache is a 15 minute drive away!

How many did you admit to? What other signs are there?

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7 comments on “Are You A Geocaching Addict?
  1. HeadHardHat says:

    All the above and then some.. I like to consider myself more OBSESSED then addicted.. Some how it has a nicer ring to it without all the rehab πŸ™‚


  2. The Street Searchers says:

    All of the above – it’s a pain getting back into work to find mud on the suit trousers! Another sign is going out for a FTF at stupid o’clock – done that too – someone beat me to it ( the cache was published at about 22:30)

  3. Collin says:

    HHH – you mean there’s rehab for the addicted?? πŸ˜‰

    TSS – That’s a whole different kettle of fish! Perhaps FTFs should be a question in their own category.

  4. XpunkX says:

    I have done all of these πŸ™‚

  5. Dave says:

    A great set of points Collin, along a similar theme;

    – You can on the fly read Rot13 encryption
    – You try and introduce Geocaching to all friends not already in the know
    – Any ‘I’m bored comments’ get answered by, let’s go Geocaching then!

  6. northking says:

    The only one I missed out on was #7 as I use the iPhone favourites and I don’t have the cable connector for the Etrex H. And I am also guilty of Dave’s additions too!!

    Do you carry a geocaching notebook to jot down nice areas or cache series ideas whilst going about your business? No, just me then!

  7. kry102001 says:

    My own addition is, when people within your family or friends circle turn to you and all shout “ENOUGH ABOUT GEOCACHING ALREADY !!!”

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