Show 1 – Premier


It’s here! I will submit the feed to iTunes and let y’all know when it’s available.

Links to stuff mentioned in the show:


Mega Scotland: GC Listing – GC1XDQ0 – Website:

Mega Wales: No GC listing yet. Website:

Hampshire Monthly Mid-Week Meet #18 – GC26CZW

Favourite Caches:

Gray Mare’s Cache (Vampirhummel’s Honeymoon) – GCW18D
Glaid To Make It – GCF650Simply Paul Haggis Hunter’s Logs from April 2005 :)
Victim Of Misplaced Displacement – GC241JW
Bamburgh 360 – GCRANB
Skeg To Ness #46 – GC242NY
BHC Slipping and Sliding – GC1Y9DB
From Dusk Till Dawn – GC1E3J0
Asparagus Anyone – GCGT2A

Other Links:

Sheff Cachers –
UK Forum on
I really hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think, good, bad, ugly but above all constructive criticism, is much appreciated!

7 thoughts on “Show 1 – Premier”

  1. Well done Collin. Excellent Podcast anmd what an effort to get it up and running!

    Have a chat about it on Wednesday, off to TIWEP now, might send in a live report on Skype if it all works out!


  2. Nicely done Collin, just had a listen of your website, not managed to find it on iTunes yet but will keep checking so we can subscribe!

  3. A very good broadcast well done. Thanks for giving me a mention, but you have listed next to the link that it’s Simply Paul’s logs for April 2005, but it should read myself, Firth of Forth & roolku.

    Other than that superb and I will listen again.
    Haggis Hunter

  4. Well done Colin, really good to hear a Uk based podcast at long last it’s what we have been waiting for. Look forward to next month.

  5. Excellent Job boss

    Thoroughly looking forward to the next one…thanks for the shout out :-)

    Hopefully this podcast will go from strength to strength


  6. Thankyou so much for the kind words folks! I’m still waiting for iTunes to approve the podcast and list it in their directory.

    Dave – apologies, you are now credited instead of Paul! :)

    Now, what to talk about for the July show…

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