Show 2 – One Week On…

Hey all!

After the kerfuffle to get Show 2 online I didn’t immediately update the show notes as I said I would, I then had a heck of a week with Scouting and a trip to see a little show called Legally Blonde in London getting in the way. Rather than update the original post I thought I would create a new one with a little more information and the show notes in.

So, in case you missed it, the first thing to mention is that we have a competition in this month’s show. We have a real prize too! The guys on the Mega Scotland Committee very generously donated one of the event geocoins as a prize. Look:

July competition prize for the podcast - unactivated Mega Sco... on Twitpic

Ain’t it gorgeous! So, how do you enter? Well, you’ll have to listen to the show. The question is really really easy and just requires you to send an email to me with your answer. You must send it to a specific email address though so no random email entries!


Very quickly (and I’m sorry to bore you with this), I have had some people complain that I didn’t mention the iPhone 4 in the podcast when talking about hiding caches using the iPhone. There’s a very good reason for that – I forgot! I will be bringing the subject up again in next month’s show so if you want your opinion heard then let me know! While on the subject, the Idea for highlighting iPhone hides that I raised on the feedback site is here.

Also, some have mentioned that the show is a little quiet when listening. I apologise for this, I don’t know what happened as I did nothing different for this show than show 1. I will go stand in the naughty corner and try harder for next month.

July’s Question of The Month:

Do you know who and where your nearest geocacher is?

Replies via the usual methods please!

Show Notes:

From Dusk til Dawn (GC1E3J0)
Yapton Millenium Cache (GC2094C)
In Reserve (GC26ET5)
Britain’s Highest Geocache (GCG6XD)

Other Links:

June Release Notes on

Geocaching Feedback Site
Sheffield’s Summer Social (GC2739K)
Hampshire Monthly Midweek #19 (GC28HND)
Mega Scotland – 31 July 2010 Event Website
Mega Scotland Cache Page (GC1XDQ0)

Until next month – well, 31 July ish anyway!

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2 comments on “Show 2 – One Week On…
  1. Sarah says:

    just listening to podcast #2 – I’m deffo up for a travelbug race 🙂

    Sarah (of the Chaos Crew, Swindon)

  2. Sarah says:

    as for the question of the month – I know there is a geocacher who lives just around the corner from me, as the clue to one of their puzzle caches involves you parking outside their house, but I’ve never met them in person.

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