Show Three On The Way?

Firstly and foremost please allow me to apologise for not releasing a podcast for August. The month has been very horrible for me and for a while I was questioning whether to continue with the podcast at all. Much happened in other areas of my life that made me re-consider my future. I then realised that I was better than all that, I should pull myself together and get on with it.

I received a couple of particularly rude emails from anonymous sources to the Podcast’s email account questioning my parents status, suggesting that I should disappear from the world and Geocaching and never return, along with several other suggestions that are unrepeatable. Coming in the time when I was struggling anyway, these didn’t help. However, with a big two fingered salute at those people, I have only this to say:

Nothing is forcing you to listen to the podcast. There’s always an unsubscribe button. Alternatively, make it known who you are, use language that is appropriate for broadcast and state your complaints concisely (if you know what that means) and I will happily reply to your mails and address your concerns in the show. It makes for entertaining listening for those that wanted a “meaty” story anyway!

So, after all that waffle, what does this mean for the podcast? I will be recording it Thursday and Friday for release Friday or the weekend. Contents as they sit at the moment (in no particular order):

  • Feedback from the Mega Event organisers. Let me know if you guys want to say anything to them too!
  • Competition results. Yes, I do know who won but I figured that as it is so close to releasing show 3 I would announce it in the show. I will announce it on Twitter and on the post for the show too.
  • My Encounter with friendly cachers at Scout Camp.
  • More on the iPhone for hiding caches.  This has been a hot topic in my mailbox!  Including (hopefully) hints for getting better coordinates with the device…
  • Apps for iPhone for Caching (by request from Confused Chimp)
  • Shoutouts, milestones, stories etc.  Get yours in quick!
  • Question of the month – any suggestions?
  • Anything else you luvverly lot can think of!

I would also like to (thanks to a suggestion from a new cacher) do a section on Geocaching for beginners.  Any suggestions for advice for the beginner will be much appreciated.

Thanks for your support folks, I hope to actually meet some of you in the future! 

PS Any volunteers for an interview?? ;o)

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7 comments on “Show Three On The Way?
  1. Mark aka Aggrajag says:

    Gobsmacked to hear about the issues some people have with your podcast and can’t even think what could have upset them.

    I’ve looked forward to #3 for a long while now – please keep it up and count me as a supporter.

    Good luck with your personal issues too.


  2. Jane aka Marmite Soldiers says:

    Came on here checking for #3 and was very sad to read that you’ve encountered some nasty emails. Please don’t let it get you down. Just remember, there are way more people out there supporting you and are looking forward to the next Podcast.


  3. Sarah says:

    Sarah here (part of Swindon’s Chaos Crew)

    Sorry to hear you have been having problems, and that you have been targeted by idiots, I have listened to both of the first 2 podcasts and can’t remember anything in the least bit likely to offend or annoy. Some people are just crazies, let’s face it!

    I hope life starts looking up for you very soon

  4. Ian aka Woking Wonders says:

    Just listened to #3 and couldn’t believe what I heard, and have now read, about the abuse you received. Thanks for all the time you put into creating something that I really enjoy listening to.


  5. Jon aka Thunderbird30 says:

    Somebody famous once said ” You can please some of the people all of the time,and all of the people some of the time,but you can’t please all of the people all of the time….

    But I prefer the much simpler “Nil illegitimi carborundum!”

    Keep up the good work on the podcasts,they make my drive to work enjoyable!

  6. Lonewolf_geocaching says:

    Sorry to here you have bad emails from the odd moron. I just wanted to thank you for the podcast. As a new geocacher I am very grateful for to you for sharing your experience and observations. Thank you and carry on with the podcast.

    Kind Regards


  7. Kev aka MoleyUK says:

    Amazed at the abuse you have received! I am enjoying the podcasts and look forward to more to come.

    Keep us the very good work.


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