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UK Geocaching Podcast Show 4, November 2010

Once again we have managed to miss a month (October) and only now have the new show. Unfortunately due to illness and broken equipment, the broken equipment is not sorted and I have had to use a (very) inferior quality microphone to record.

Consequently, sound quality is reduced and you may well have to make use of the volume control on your player. Sorry!!

Question Of The Month

What stops you from Geocaching?

A simple question that will get a number of strange and wonderful answers!


Record some audio while on a Geocaching adventure and send it to me. Prize is an unactivated Travel Bug.

Record it to any format (WAV, MP3, OGG, or AIFF prefered – MP3 produces the smallest file) and email it to with the title “November Competition” or similar.

If you have a way to upload the file to a host from which you can then send me a link, that’s great too!

Closing date (provisionally) 30 November. I may well extend to end of December.

GAGB Geocoins and Competition

Geocoins page
Competition page
Competition rules

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4 comments on “Show 4 – Chirpy Chirpy Not So Cheap Cheap
  1. What stops you going out caching?
    The main thing that stops me going out caching is work being self employed i have to work when work demands me to do so and the other thing is adverse weather like we are having here at the moment high winds and rain that is going from left to right. Other than that i am out come what may.

  2. The_Street_Searchers says:

    What stops you going out caching?

    I am not committed enough – here is my list of the top 3

    1) Rain – i rarely go out in the rain – I am small enough and dont want to shrink!
    2) Snow – I dont like the cold either
    3) The wife – she often seems to have a list of jobs for me 😉

    Looking forward to the next show!


  3. me N u says:

    Hi Collin. We downloaded your podcasts and listened to them today on the road from Bahrain, thru Saudi Arabia, into Kuwait. It definitely made the miles fly by. We are the co-founders of Saudi Geocachers, along with mhfares and yraffah. Caching in Saudi can be hazardous to your health, so we formed to group to create convoys of likeminded folks who wanted to hunt down those “more remote” (read: in the Empty Quarter”) caches. We recently did a trip and found a cache that had not been found in 7y 8m AND we had a police escort (that’s a story for later)

    Keep up the good work! PS we are Ellie and Ian from Cornwall, but we live and work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – we are in now in Kuwait for the week geocaching 😀

  4. me N u says:

    What stops us from caching? Not much… we have taken police to the desert with us when they INSISTED on escorting us. We re-placed an archived cache outrunning a nasty sandstorm. We have cached in +50C – yes, mad, we know! We have been to the Hijaz Railway 1300km round trip for a DNF!! We have been to the Empty Quarter 200km offroad through treacherous sand dunes (damaging the car) to find a missing cache that we replaced and logged as found – never again will be pass this way.

    In the UK, we have been out in freezing temps, gales and hail – just because it was a different caching experience from Saudi Arabia…

    Hmm.. sorry, guess there isn’t much that will stop us caching in the Middle East – apart from the week the car was in the shop for a new front end (from the sand dune accident in November) ;-D

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