Show 7 – Croak



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Short show this month folks, sorry!

Links mentioned in the show:

UK Mega Wales 2011
Geocache Trails

No Competition this month!

Question of the Month – If you were the admin (AKA Jeremy) on, what would you change?

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3 comments on “Show 7 – Croak
  1. The_Street_Searchers says:

    Another excellent show Collin!

  2. Raymond Allingham (Ramos67) says:

    Hi Collin, I have just discovered the wonderful hobby/sport of geocaching along with my wife Yvonne (Cupcake58) and i love listening to podcasts and found yours on iTunes. Your head will probably explode but i think your podcast is great!!!

    We are hooked and i walk to work listening to your show and it certainly brightens up my morning and evening when i leave work.

    We have fond 9 caches and really enjoy getting out and hunting then down. I really enjoy listening to the outher geocachers and their exploits in going towarsa hidden cache.

    Keep up the good work and i know its hard work but please try and get a show out every month.

    If you give me and my wife a mention on your podcast that would just be so kewl

    Ramos67 and Cupcake58

  3. Rowan732000 says:

    Hey Collin,
    I love the podcast. Catie and I are going to work out sending you a video or audio file as we cache almost weekly. You asked what I would like to see added to the geocaching site. A tab for events, as it would be easier to locate them. Glad you posted a March show. Planning to get a cache ready for you, but want to make sure I have the coordinates correct as I have been to a few lately that are off quite poorly.

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