Show 8 – The Sussex Amble


Download Link: 43mb | 46 minutes (Right Click to save)

A running report from The Street Searchers on their 10 hour tour of The Sussex Amble, my (low quality) dash for an FTF, latest news from the Mega Wales team and more…

The Sussex Amble by Mike & Christine
Underbody of a jet plane
Titchfield Wander by Bernie The GeocacherThe Deviation Line by Blueteddy

No competition this month. There will be one next month!

Question of the Month: Do you use a Smartphone for Geocaching. If so, which one, which App and why?

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10 comments on “Show 8 – The Sussex Amble
  1. Richard says:

    Hi Collin
    Just posted the link to this issue on the GAGB site

  2. Thomas says:

    I use the Java version of Trimble’s Geocache Navigator. It generally just works, although the compass is completely useless when standing still (it doesn’t use the phone’s electronic compass and so ends up pointing all over the place due to GPS jitter). The radar view on it is especially useful (it shows a sort of footstep trail of where you’re just been), and it appears to cache geocache listings which is very handy when out in poor signal areas.

    (btw, your website isn’t working – I get a domain landing/advertising page)

  3. Hi Collin

    I have just listened to the new podcast, great show. So many thanks for your great comments on the Titchfield Wander. It was good to have bumped into you on the FTF race and I’ll no doubt see you again soon.

    I am off to walk Hadrian’s wall next weekend so I may have some blog news that you can use.

    All the best


  4. Ian says:

    Looking forward to listening to this – I was already planning on doing the Sussex Amble tomorrow.

  5. Tizzie says:

    Just a quick comment about updating your profile with HTML code if you don’t have a full-blown editor. Try using your word processing app, such as Word, to create your profile, then save it as a web page. When you open the file in notepad you will see all the html tags wrapped around the text. Copy and paste the sections you want into your profile.

  6. Dave says:

    There is a handy editor for making html content available online; simply add your profile content and then hit generator and you will be given the code to copy and paste.


  7. Spunky86 says:

    I sort of use my smartphone for caching, i have c:geo on a samsung galaxy s, I have it mounted like a traditional sat nav in the car and use it to get to the cache location / parking co-ords then out comes the GPSr. Have found the Navigate-> Turn by Turn which links into google Navigator works really well for this.
    Keep up the good work, another cracking show which i listened to whilst having my first ever attempt at cycle-caching! I urge you all to give it a go, it’s ace 🙂

  8. GeekyMummy says:

    My phone is the only device I have. I have a HTC Desire which is an Android – I strongly recommend the phone, it’s brill.

    I use c:geo as the Groundspeak app gets rubbish reviews with everyone saying that it isn’t as good as c:geo – which is free.

    So far it has served me well. My friend has a similar phone and also finds c:geo works really well for her.

    The only downside is that I find it almsot impossible to search for cache’s to find when not on WiFi. So I plan my trips on the computer, than make sure the one’s I am after are stored on phone.

    I find the radar feature fab for once I am near the cache. It’s an additional free download that c:geo recommend you use.


  9. Greatmim says:

    Dear Collin,

    I use my iPhone 4, but then to be fair I hadn’t even heard of geocaching till I downloaded the Groundspeak app. Now I’m completely hooked and it’s been great for exercise, Bobby my geodog loves it too.

    Listening to your podcasts(great by the way) I see your not a fan of iPhone for caching, but I do try to ensure my hides are accurate by taking several readings over different time. So Thanks, item on it’s wayfar I have been very impressed with there accuracy.

    iPhone brought me to this sport but now I’m hooked I may take your advice and buy a dedicated Gps unit for an added back up tool.
    All the best,
    Greatmim &Bobby the Geodog

  10. Greatmim says:

    Sorry the spell checker had a fivin the middle of my post. It was meant to say that I take several readings at different times and go away and return for additional readings which I then average. So far I have been impressed with the accuracy my iPhone has achieved.
    All the best,

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