Show 9 – Hugs From Random Geocachers



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Signing the Log at WWFM VIIIOur longest show yet!

Report from Pete of The Amasons in Berjerac, World Wide Flash Mob 8, The Mega, a rant and more!

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What’s more important, cache size or accurate cache page?

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2 comments on “Show 9 – Hugs From Random Geocachers
  1. Daniel West says:

    Your rant about the use of hints and sizes on a cache pages struck a chord with me. Have you been caching in my hometown of London Ontario Canada?? We are experiencing the exact same problem here. We have an added edge to the hint issue here though, some hiders seem to insist on being down-right antagonistic with the hints they give. A couple examples are – “Cookies are for good boys and girls. Good boys and girls dont use hints” & “cheaters dont deserve cookies!’

    Caching is meant to be a fun activity, why do some people insist on adding a nasty spin on it in the way they write the cache page? Another issue here is way too many micros and nanos…there are other size containers folks! Especially nanos in heavily wooded areas where larger caches could just as easily be hid. My biggest fear in my area is that the large number of new cachers we’re seeing will either become frustrated and give up, or think that this is how the game should be and we’ll see even more ‘poor quality’ caches being hid by people who don’t know any better.

    Thanks for the rant

  2. Pete Mason says:

    I’ve put a link on the Le Parc de Pombonne log to Show 9. Perhaps you could suggest others do this if they feature on the show. It will give the podcast a bit of extra publicity.
    Pete (The Amasons)

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