Show – October 2012 – The One With Three Hosts!



Download link (106mb – 1 hour 13 Minutes)

This month, for the first time we have three hosts on the show. Myself (obviously, ‘cos I am the man!), SurfaBoy and Chris from The Street Searchers (I might just refer to him as The Street Searcher in future).

We had great fun recording this (two attempts over two evenings and three hours of recording) show – some of the subjects:

HandiCaching With Heather (Cache On Wheels)
Cacher of the Month – Introducing Surfaboy
Buried Caches
Competition – with results of last month and the new contest (just for Geo Kidz this time)
Another FTF race
And more!

Other Notes:

October 2012 Competition Entries (PDF)
Entered Caches (Where available):
Locked Up
A35 Travel Bug Hotel
Back to Evergreen
Langley Park is not the pits!
Druce Lane Limpit

The Handicaching Grease Monkey Script is available at this link.
I know I have missed something from the show notes. Please let me know what it is and I will add it!

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8 comments on “Show – October 2012 – The One With Three Hosts!
  1. Cache on Wheels says:

    What a great show, very entertaining and funny. Great to chat to you all 🙂 thank you

  2. The_Street_Searchers says:

    Here’s the Greasemonkey script for

  3. Cache on Wheels says:

    Thank you street searchers, I may need your help on installing it and working it out please? Cheers heth aka Cache on Wheels

  4. Collin says:

    I will write something in a new blog post about installing and using grease-monkey and this script. Note: It requires Firefox or Chrome as the web browser and doesn’t work on portable devices.

  5. Team BareMagic says:

    Just got round to a listen. LOVED IT!!! Shame I don’t seem to be able to download old episodes for some reason…

    • Collin says:

      Hiya and thanks for listening! Really pleased that you enjoyed the show!!

      Having had a problem with the website going down I had to remove the old shows from the website. I have uploaded them to a new hosting but have. It yet managed to update the links on the website. I am intending to do this when I get home from work today so they should be available some time this evening.

  6. The puffin says:

    This podcast is usually fun to listen to, but now there is a snag.
    It is not there ( the audio part)
    And for the download you have to login according to worldpress.
    Pitty. Next time better thou.
    Thanks The Puffin,

    — 403: Access Denied —

    This file requires authorization:

    You must be logged in
    and a member of this blog.
    Log in to proceed.

    You can create your own free blog on

    • Collin says:


      Thanks for the information, I had missed this comment previously.

      I think I have fixed the issue with the audio download, please can you try again and let me know?


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