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Download link (137mb – 1 hour 30ish mins)
An hour and a half? What were we thinking??? So much to talk about, including Ye Olde Survey Monuments, Logging DNFs, a chat with Maple Leaf from the GAGB, LJ reckons he’s going to find 100 caches in December – that’s his personal challenge, and more!

What we missed: Groundspeak retiring Challenges, the competition – I know we announced it at the beginning of this show, we just ran out of time! Promise, competition will be in the January show!

Some questions for you to answer:

  • Should Geocaching websites have a new log category “did not attempt”?
  • Do you you log all your DNFs? Why or why not?
  • What was your experience finding your first geocache?
  • Do you have any personal challenges for 2013?

We’ll have the results of our YOSM hunt next month…

Mentioned in the show:

Follow The Arrow
Geocaching Association of Great Britain
Ye Ole Survey Monuments
YOSM Cache page
This Time It’s Difficult? as found by Chris

Don’t forget the Traveller race – full info on the race page. Get your entries in before 01 Jan 2013!

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7 comments on “Show – December 2012 – Bumper Show!
  1. Cache on Wheels says:

    Well done guys on yet another great podcast show! 🙂
    It was great to hear Jen the new GAGB Chair Person on the show 🙂 congratulations Jen (*☻-☻*)
    We will definitely be entering the TB race:: that me, Bull Family, Cache on Wheels & Geocaching Oly, so from listening to the show of only 3 that had signed up, you have another 4 🙂
    we just have to get or choose which TB to use, I fancy one of those TBs that have Race on them. Once we’ve chosen them, we will register officially with the tracking number if our TBs.

    Please can you give a shout out if thanks in the next show for the following?

    Oly was very kindly presented with a very special Trackable, along with the other children at Dorset Gal’s Event today. Very kindly donated by Bev at grproxy – many thanks to Dorset Gal’s friend Bev who also supplied loads of goodies for a special pass the parcel game for the event.

    Oliver is thinking about its mission and enjoyed talking to Dirset Gal about it today: maybe France or all the places we visited on holiday he thought. Maybe he will use it for the TB Race? Tho as it is so special, he is worried about it getting lost.

    You guys had me in fits of giggles at times, your laughs are contagious – Thank You (*☻-☻*)

    As the Dec show came out quite quickly, we will try arrange for you to chat with our Geokids Horsey Mad Girl & Geo Oly about their holiday abroad Geocaching.
    Maybe for the January show?

    Hope you enjoy great Christmas celebrations to all the hosts and listeners (*☻-☻*)

    Cache on Wheels

  2. Mike says:

    Excellent show and as a bonus it lasted me both the trip to and from work! Now planning to go find YOSM and enter the TB race. Thanks for the shout-outs and plug for our little event in Jan ’13 (GC425MR). Looking forward to the next show!!

  3. Mike says:

    •Should Geocaching websites have a new log category “did not attempt”?

    No! This would just invite anyone who is feeling a little foolish to log a “DNA” on anything and everything. If it existed I could log a DNA on almost every puzzle cache I open 😀 I have logged when I’ve not “gone all the way” but either as a DNF or a note along the lines of “GZ is in the centre of Muggleville. Far too many eyes hanging around today to even attempt it. I shall return!”

    •Do you you log all your DNFs? Why or why not?

    All caches yes. I think it’s an important part of the game as a whole and as a CO I enjoy getting notified of DNFs almost as much as finds. A recent hide I did was published after dusk and by the next morning had 3 DNFs on it, including one cacher who had gone out in the dark in her onesie and a pair of wellies. On my way to checking that it hadn’t been pilfered the next lunchtime I got the ping that said someone had found it at last, but in completely the wrong place! The only thing I can think is that someone in their searching in the dark had dislodged it and not noticed. I then had the fun of trying to find where it had been put back before being able to place it in its correct location.
    On a slightly more serious note, if people care about the caches they own it’s nice to know how things are going with them. So please, log DNFs. Log Maintenance needs. It all helps and there’s no shame in it!

    •What was your experience finding your first geocache?

    A Sunday afternoon shortly after we had heard about Geocaching we were coming home from shopping in our local town and thought why not give it a try. It turned out we picked a good one; a multi around a churchyard and nearby park that had us hunting for numbers and clues. We eventually found the container after maybe 45mins of playing Sherlock and signed the log. That was about 3 months and nearly 130 find ago. We’re hooked!

    •Do you have any personal challenges for 2013?

    TOO MANY!! Doing some tree and/or rock climbing caches, underground caching, challenge caches, hopefully starting to place caches along part of a local long distance footpath, the UKGCPCTB Race, trying to fill either the D/T grid or the 365 grid.. I want to do them all but unfortunately it’s not going to happen all at once. But that’s ok cos it will leave something for 2014!

  4. Cache U Nutter says:

    Great podcast guys.
    Ticked off a FTF 3.5/5 all essential grid cache today [not that I fill in that sort of nonsense] GC424MD
    enforced sofa relaxation after the physical exertions of the tree climbing and listening to you Guys .
    I think you chaps should do a live ‘up a tree’ recording
    what does everyone think ?

  5. desmognathus says:

    Re: The “when do you buy your first dedicated GPSr” debate, I actually took an intermediate step by buying a GPS dongle for my iPhone 3GS. Mine actually plugs into the 30-pin port, though there are also Bluetooth units available. While I did eventually buy a dedicated unit, I still generally use the iPhone first and only pull out the Delorme if I get stuck or am working off a weak constellation of satellites, under tree canopy or out of cellular signal range. Used in conjunction with the official app, it does allow me to be a bit more spontaneous with my caching, no need to download PQ’s or .GPX files ahead of time.

  6. Mike says:

    I’ll add in my tuppence to that particular debate. The latest generation of Android phones and tablets (yes, I’ve cached with a tablet!!) are MORE accurate and more useful in many ways than entry level GPSrs. I have a friend with an Etrex 10 who readily admits that our devices are more accurate than his. If you set them up correctly you can cache offline and not chew up your data tarrif. So if you happen to have one of the better android phones on the market the point at which you may want to consider a dedicated GPS unit is definitely blurring. Certainly from my point of view there is no reason for me to buy a stand alone unit at present.

  7. Eddie Robinson says:

    I think I may be able to top your early morning caching escapade, as in the early hours of new years day, 2:30am to be precise I donned my fleece and set off for the first cache I saw published of 2013, i actually got the notification about a minute after midnight, but luckily still bagged the FTF

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