Pod 26 – January 2014


In the Show:

  • Our Caching year in review & Your Aims for 2014
  • The GAGB Committee
  • App: Next Cache
  • Sidetracked Series and CacheGeek Websites
  • Chat with Mark from the Oh Beep Podcast
  • Travel Bug Race Results

Caches Mentioned in the Show:

  • Cold War Cache near Nottingham – GC32REK
  • Wear The Fox Hat cache 1 near Littlhampton – GC3CRD6
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One comment on “Pod 26 – January 2014
  1. Gentlemen

    I was just listening to the January edition of the UK Podcast while on my bike ride into work. I haven’t finished it yet (My ride being 30 minutes, and the podcast being 90ish minutes). I did get to the segment on resolutions and I wanted to throw out an idea about that.

    Since you’ve clearly already done resolutions on the show I don’t expect this will be covered again until 2015, but I wanted to bring it up since it is fresh in my brain.

    So I noticed all resolution (geocaching or otherwise) tend to be absolutes.”I want to find 365 geocaches this year. I want to attend 2 megas”. etc. This is fine, but it presents a couple problems. Once you hit the goal, what do you do then? Second, if you don’t hit your goals you are a failure and life has no meaning (or you just feel bad for a minute then move on, depending on how Emo you are).

    I think a better way to set goals is to take a page from my work (who stole it from someone else, so its hardly a new idea), and set stretch goals. We call them OKRs, or objectives and key results.

    The idea is that goals should be stretch goals. If you hit every goal you make you clearly didn’t do your best – you just did good enough. By setting goals that you have to really strive to hit you ensure you’ve given it your best, and likely grown as a person. At work we use percentages (where 70% is considered “good”, and 100% is outstanding). It is likely easier to set a range of “minimum”, “target”, and “awesome” instead (saves on the math). For example LJ had stated a goal of hitting 365 caches this year, with beating last years numbers as the bare minimum. He could state it as: At minimum I want to beat last years find count. I am targeting for 365, and it would be awesome to hit 500.

    What this does is sets him up to thinking about hitting 500 (cause who doesn’t want to be awesome?). Since he’s geared up to hit this number, 365 should be no problem. Once he does hit 365, he still has more goal to achieve.

    Another example: at minimum I want to hit 3 local events and a mega. My target is to hit 5 local events and 2 megas, and it would be awesome to hit 12 local events and 3 megas, one of which I haven’t been to before.

    Make sense? Hope so, if not, ask 🙂

    Love the show – still my fav geocaching podcast (and almost my all time favourite – if NPRs Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me didn’t exist, you’d be aces.)


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