3 thoughts on “Pod 27 – February 2014 – Suvvern, Innit!”

  1. Solved the Kings Cache puzzle, Looks a nice pub nearby, might need to give it a go next time. – How much help does LJ want?

  2. Enjoyed the show this week. Couldn’t resist the Kings Cache puzzle even though it is miles from where I live. Solved it in about 5 minutes.

    Urer’f fbzr pyhrf. Vg vf grknf ubyqrz cbxre nf lbh thrffrq. u p q f ercerfrag gur pneq fhvgf. s g e fgnaqf sbe sybc ghea evire. Va gur tevq P vf pnyy naq S vf sbyq naq n ahzore ercerfragf gur nzbhag org be pnyyrq. Lbh unir gb jbex bhg jub jba rnpu cbg naq gurl trg nyy gur zbarl sebz gur bgure cynlref gung org. Gur erfg lbh tbggn svther bhg lbhefrys! Rawbl. OO.

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