Pod 29 – April 2014


In This Show:

  • LJ Gets the intro wrong…
  • Collin rants about micros in the woods…
  • “I Geocache Because” from the OhBeep GC Podcast Crew
  • Basic Cyphers – The PigPen Cipher
  • LJ’s App Of The Month – Forever Map 2
  • Our Caching session on the Swanwick Saunter
  • Responses to our Facebook Questions
  • Some Upcoming Events
  • Shoutouts

Mentioned in the show:

Pigpen Cipher App (iOS – iTunes Link)
Forever Map 2 (iOS – website Link)
Oh Beep! GCP Show on Limiting numbers of cache hides (Website link)
WiFi Wonder by Lifechooser (Geocache Link)


Holton Lee Revisited – 27 April 2014
CITO Seven Sisters Country Park 2014 – 26 April 2014
Tyneham Too – 05 May 2014

Richard and Andy’s 24 Hour Geocaching Challenge for Cancer Research (Justgiving Link)

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