Pod 30 – May 2014 – Mega Galore


In this show:

  • Richard Stone’s Kessinglang CITO Event
  • Cachepads (A quick mention)
  • Geocache Tourist
  • Kent Mega
  • Lab Caches
  • LJ’s app of the month


Geocache Tourist
Kent Mega
Mega Homecoming 2014
Essex Mega 2015
UK Cache Mag
UK Cache Mag Digital Subscription
Bucket List Pro

Collin’s Favourite Cornwall Caches

GC2K9E1 – Anna Neagle Lived Here
GC3WXVX – How Far?
GC2Z27R – Boatiful View Gweek Relocated

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2 comments on “Pod 30 – May 2014 – Mega Galore
  1. Gentlemen,

    I was just out mowing my lawn and listening to the May episode of the podcast. I got to the part where you were talking about bucket lists, and I believe Collin mentioned one could launch a TB with a weather balloon.

    This has been done. A couple years ago I attended an event where some folks launched a weather balloon that carried a geocache 100,000ft into the air, and then we all chased it down when it came back down to earth.

    I blogged it here, if you want more information: http://debaere.blogspot.com/2012/06/geocaching-launch-party.html

    A video of the launch is here: http://debaere.blogspot.com/2012/06/geocache-launch-party-video.html

    They posted a cache description for the cache at the coords where it landed so other folks can find it: http://coord.info/GC3P578

    I gotta tell ya, it was an amazing day. I was given a section of the weather balloon when I got to GZ, and it will sit in my geocaching box of treasures for along time. It literally is some of the best geocaching I have ever done.


  2. I finished listening to the rest of the May episode on the bike ride to work this morning. LJ mentioned looking for a co-host for June.

    Yes please. Sign me up. I’d be honoured to appear – if only for the chance to defend my precious homeland, or to talk smack about Americans.

    Anyhoo, I can make myself available pretty much any time near the end of May, day or night, to record something.

    I can also provide the following:
    – A folksy Canadian accent
    – A fervent defense of Tim Hortons (followed by an unnecessary apology, sorry about that, eh?)
    – A unique perspective of Canadian and American cache culture
    – A beard.
    – A really bad fake scottish and irish accent
    – An inappropriate song and dance routine
    – A rant that no one but me will care about
    – Pretend to like ‘jaffy cakes’ (whatever those are).
    – One or more subtle references to Monty Python sketches
    – A promise to giggle at any references to ‘spotted dick’
    – A personal greeting to Her Majesty The Queen, and a story about how she, apparently, smacked my uncle in the 1950s (supposedly accidentally, but we all know the truth).
    – Unnecessary references to hockey.
    – An understanding that ‘football’ is a sport played with a round ball using nothing but ones feet (and sometimes ones noggin) and doesn’t require a helmet of any kind.
    – Enthusiasm
    – long lists of things that don’t really sell me as a podcast co-host, but amuse me nonetheless.

    Seriously, I would absolutely love to do the show, and appreciate your kind consideration in letting me join you on the next recording.


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