Pod 33 – Mark Twain Was ‘Ere


Mark Twain said:

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics”

This month it is all about the numbers:

  • The result of the competition between Collin and LJ
  • Question from L1fechooser: Is It All About The Numbers
  • More Beginners Tips – Premium Membership, Other Listing Sites, Batteries and more…
  • Durley Nature Trail
  • Favourite Points
  • (Stolen from Oh Beep!) Dumb Things Geocachers Do(Me and LJ in this case!)

Due to time constraints we haven’t included the website of the month. This will be in September’s show.

Questions for you guys:

  1. Did LJ Cheat in the last 24 hours of the competition?
  2. When is a cacher deemed to have “found” the cache? When they sign the log or when they log online?


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One comment on “Pod 33 – Mark Twain Was ‘Ere
  1. Chad Courtney (TAZ427) says:

    I’d have to agree that he stated he’d find more. He actually never said he’d find one more. You said that if I find 10, then you’ll find 11. And he agreed. It wasn’t an agreement that he would find exactly one more, but that he’d find at least one more.

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