Pod 34 – Pasty Flaps!


Our new favourite Cacher name! Sorry BingoTheBountyHunter, you’ve been ousted as the king of cacher names! PastyFlaps wins for us!

In this show:

  • An Apology. I think there’s about a 5 minute silence in the middle of the show. This wasn’t intentional and I can’t do anything about it. Feel free to slap me around. Lots.
  • If I find a geocache exactly on the other side of the world, would it be both the farthest East cache and farthest West cache found?
  • What phrases should be banned from Geocaching? RichLay nominates “Proper Caching”
  • If a Canadian in the US was to visit the UK, which are the best places for him to visit?
  • 7 Souvenirs Of August (briefly)
  • Beginners tips – Explaining the basics of trackables – Travel Bugs and Geocoins
  • 2014 Photo Competition sponsored by NE Geocaching Supplies

Mentioned in the show:

Collin’s nemesis: Jacob’s moving cache http://coord.info/GCA87C
Feeding Time For The Ducks – The Weirs http://coord.info/GC3W5E4
Virtually On The Beach (Southport) http://coord.info/GCEED9

Photo Competition


“Historical Landmarks”
“Stupid Thing Cachers Do”
“Non-Historical Landmarks”
“Cachers In The Wild”
“Geocaching Selfies”
“Flora and fauna”

Competition runs until 2359 31 December 2014 and full details of how to enter will be published on the Photo Competition page on this website.

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One comment on “Pod 34 – Pasty Flaps!
  1. Karl (KAB1972) says:

    Hi Guys,

    I like your discussion about can a cache be both farthest east and west if directly through the planet? My stats for East and West are referenced to ‘ the Prime Meridian ‘ and not my home GZ which is close to it, being E 000° 00.535, therefore my farthest cache would need to be E180° 00.000 / W180° 00.00 for the stats and not E180° 00.535 / W179° 99.465 (if I’ve done the sums right).
    I don’t know if this would be the case for all or just some rounding up / down depending on your home GZ

    Thanks for another great show


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