Pod 42 – Who “Owns” GPS?


In This Show:

  • Garmin’s VivoActive Sports Watch
  • Looking4Cache Pro
  • Cacher Of The Month
  • Geocaching With Scouts
  • A 20 minute argument on who owns GPS
  • LJ Advertises his van!
  • And More!

The argument actually went on for about 55 minutes, we cut most of it due to bad language and a bit of a punch up…

Don’t forget, you can be our cacher of the month! Just click the COTM link at the top of the page and fill the form in!

Thanks to RichardIStone for being our first cacher of the month!

Caches mentioned:

Yorkshire Yellow’s event: GC5Q1XK
RichardIStone’s most memorable cache: GC3XHDK
Richlay’s Event: GC5KYT8
Richlay’s Camping: GC5N1FF

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3 comments on “Pod 42 – Who “Owns” GPS?
  1. RichardIStone says:

    Oops – sorry, I got the GC code of my favourite cache wrong – should be GC3XHDE – Long In The Tooth, near Bungay in Suffolk

  2. Mark Dowding says:

    Ref the section on the sports watch. The fitbit Charge HR has a watch display, it also monitors heart rate, altitude and a few other things. The Fitbit Surge is more like the VivoActive, in that it has the larger screen and can has a GPSr in it. The Surge is more like a watch. Its also in the price range of the Vivo at £200, the Charge HR is somewhere around the £100 mark. The BIG difference between the Fitbits and the Garmin is the HR monitors – Fitbits have them built in and a separate unit isn’t needed, they take your pulse from the wrist.

  3. Mike Day says:

    Listened to your pod cast today for the first time. Thanks.

    Points arising

    Can’t find any link to send you messages via my iPhone except this way

    Re L4C pro. I have just started using this on iphone myself
    It is very like geosphere which hasn’t had a refresh for a couple of years.

    Can’t get full page compass, just a bigger one, tap on small one. It is ok though does one third of the page

    The killer benefit of the App is the ability to download for off line use loads of free maps. I have the OSM cycle map of ALL the UK. 1.3gb
    But worth it!

    To download maps using the official app takes 45 mins for 1000 caches in a PQ

    Mike Day

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