Pod 49 – LJ Climbed a Tree!


This month saw LJ on holiday in Spain, LJ up a tree and a total of 5 Geocache finds between us! This might just improve in November!

There is a competition hidden within the show. Find it to enter! You’re all supposed to be great with Puzzles…

In This Show:

  • KlikAKlu
  • Intro and Full version app updates
  • Sighter Series
  • Cacher Of The Month
  • Some Live recording while we find a cache and DNF another!
  • Garmin’s Etrex Touch 25
  • And more…


Geocaching With Children Facebook Group
GC5XVKA – W.M.#92 We shall remember them
Garmin eTrex Touch 25 (other GPSr units are available!)

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2 comments on “Pod 49 – LJ Climbed a Tree!
  1. LJ said November at the beginning of the show! Is that the competition? I’m so rubbish at puzzles 🙂

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