Pod 50 (!) – #UKGCPC1K Challenge


This month we are excited to announce the launch of our #ukgcpc1k Challenge:

This is how the 1k challenge works. We picked 20 random numbers between 1 and 1000. We sealed those numbers in an envelope and they remain sealed until the January 2016 show. Every listener has their own personal target but if anyone has found the same number of caches in 2016 as one of the numbers on the envelope, they win a prize! For example – in the envelope we seal the numbers 321, 123, 467, 753, 941. On December 31st i have found 467 caches in 2016 (forgetting whatever you had before) so i win a prize. If i dont get the number I win nothing. EVERYONE is in with a chance because no one knows the sealed numbers. It could be 17, or 999. Doesn’t matter how good a cacher you are, you are in with a chance.

Also in the show:

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One comment on “Pod 50 (!) – #UKGCPC1K Challenge
  1. Typo, my friends. “Until the January 2017 show” not 2016. I’ve spread the word to our local group. Happy New Years!

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