Pod 54 – iFootpath, Geocaching Awards and Hiking boots


In This Show:

  • The Geocaching Awards
  • iFootpath App
  • The Real Escape
  • What to do when approached by Law Enforcement
  • Hiking Boots
  • A New Challenge!
  • And More!

A New Challenge

In a resurrection of an old segment we used to run, we are re-introducing a monthly challenge. These will be SIMPLE challenges and we want to know how you get on. Tell us about your experience when doing this challenge. What was easy? What was hard? What did you hate? This month:

Find 10 geocaches of at least three different types (Trad, Multi, Mystery, Earth etc)

Links from the show (all links open in a new tab):

Mega Wales
Natonal Geocaching Awards
PPiratemania 9 Cache Page – GC687QV
GC67FC – Kinnoull Tower – Virtual cache (Perth, Scotland)
GCV3CA – Apollo Fir – mystery cache (Perth, Scotland)
Darkwater Dash series (Lepe – New Forest)
Barney’s Bimble – Series (Portsmouth)
The Real Escape Website | Trip Advisor
Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX hike boots
iFootpath App (Website)

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