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The UK Geocaching Podcast came around because Collin realised that as good as all the other podcasts were, they were very American centric. This isn’t the fault of the shows, but due to the location, the target audience, and the nationality of the hosts.

So, in June 2010 the UK Geocaching Podcast was born. After a couple of false starts (and 10 shows produced between June 2010 and October 2011) the show was re-launched in August 2012 to a fabulous response.

In short order Collin realised that to secure the future of the show co-hosts would be needed. With no effort at all one became three and LJ (SurfaBoy) and Chris (The Street Searchers) became regular voices on the show in October 2012.

Chris, unfortunately, decided not to continue recording with us in 2014 and since then it has been Collin and LJ rambling on, bickering and sometimes talking Caching!

You can read a little more about each of us below:


As I edit the website, produce the show and pay the money, I should be first. So I am!

I am well over 39 years old and I am an alcoholic a fair weather cache-a-holic. I have been Geocaching for 6 years (ish) as of November 2015, my first find being 03 January 2009. I have, however, been a member of geocaching.com since 2005. I am something of a stat-nerd and I regularly update my public profile on geocaching.com

By profession I am an Information Systems Engineer, providing (as part of a team!) desktop, server, network, telephone (VOIP), Blackberry, iPhone and mobile phone support to approximately 1500 users.

Outside of work (and Geocaching) I have been Scout Leader in Hampshire, UK, a biker, a woodturner and a sci-fi geek.

Although it’s a massive amount of work (much more than I first expected), I love recording and producing the podcast, winding up LJ is a favourite pastime as can be heard in most shows.


Something of an Enigma, nobody knows what LJ’s face is really like as it doesn’t resolve in pictures. Occasionally he is even unrecognisable to himself. He says that he works for a living but we aren’t convinced. A Geocacher since August 2009, LJ always aims to beat his annual finds total from the previous year. He normally fails…

Thanks for visiting the website, we hope you enjoy the podcast too!

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