TB Race 2013

Competition starts on January 1 2013. On or after that date release your Traveller (Travel Bug, Geocoin etc – the only requirement is that it’s trackable!) into a cache.

Any cacher in the world can enter the competition. Travellers MUST be released in the registered owner’s home country.

Between 01 January and 30 November 2013 other cachers will move your traveller. The main competition is simply for the furthest travelled geocoin.

All Categories (automatic entry when you register your TB)

  • Furthest distance travelled
  • Shortest distance travelled
  • Longest time in a cache
  • Shortest time before the traveller disappeared
  • Most interesting photo of the traveller. This category will end on 30 October 2013 for judging during November 2013.
  • Best story about moving the TB from a cacher who is not the owner. This category will end on 30 October 2013 for judging during November 2013.

There may be prizes for the other categories, maybe just Kudos, but there will definitely be a prize (not yet knowing what it is) for the furthest distance travelled.

The Rules

Keeping them as short as possible (we trust you – but the list is non-exhaustive!):

  • The judge’s decision is final.
  • Travellers cannot be released before 01 January 2013.
  • At release, the traveller must have zero miles showing on the traveller’s page.
  • Once released, the registered owner cannot under any circumstances move their traveller. Personal tracking numbers or travellers which stay with the owner and are dipped into caches are not allowed.
  • Travellers MUST be released in the registered owner’s home country. This means for example that a Cacher from the UK cannot release their traveller in France. Similarly a US cacher can’t release their traveller in Canada.
  • The judge is always right.
  • Begging for for someone else to move your traveller is encouraged.
  • Bribing the judge is acceptable but probably won’t do you any good.
  • Persons directly associated with the podcast can release travellers but will be ineligible to win any prizes.

More categories may be added after the start of the race. Travellers may be disqualified at the judge’s discretion. This is not expected to happen but I think wee need to put this in anyway.
Once the competition has started we’ll list all the Travellers on this page and regularly update the mileage for each TB. The best bits of the month will also be featured in the show.

Want to participate?

Register a new traveller on the Geocaching website and then send us a link to the traveller’s page via the Contact Form.

If you wish to attach a tag to your traveller we suggest you use this text:

“This traveller is taking part in the 2013 UK Geocaching Podcast Traveller Race. Please don’t keep me, but move me along soon! http://www.ukgcpodcast.com”

You can modify this, but please put the website address in your text.


Page last updated 02/01/2013

4 comments on “TB Race 2013
  1. blogbiscuit says:

    mine maybe the shortest travelled as it got muggled, just ride me out of it now and let others keep taking part who are still in it, thanks for letting me take part whilst it lasted

  2. MrsB of The Blorenges says:

    I just had a look at the Race Travellers and it appears the page hasn’t been updated since April – Could this be done please?

  3. Hi UK Podcast, Our son Geo Oly was delighted to win one of the catagories of this TB race! Here is a link to one of the caches he placed with a cache container he won as a prize – thank you 🙂

  4. The Sugbins says:

    The TB we entered into this race on 3/1/2013 has just been retrieved from a local cache, 3 years to the day since it was dropped off. It has now logged 31,694.6miles. I suppose the race has finished!

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